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"Strategic thinking is usually 7th on a start up’s priority list."


“The power of their passion brings us the results we need”

Alejandro Gomez Torres - President & Co-Founder - Popayán, Colombia


"Without The Charles Jordan Group, we could have never created the finest testing equipment out there. Their strategic thinking & messaging is helping us ensure markets value our most unique proposition" 

Ken Dunwoody - Chief Executive Officer - Atlanta, Georgia
Global Medical Solutions


Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 7.29.44 AM.png

​"Simply impressive. They brought us Orvis & Land Rover, and for nearly 5 years,
created and led our marketing platform to allowed us to grow in revenue and occupancy. " 

Update: "Thanks Charlie!  You helped us get Orvis Lodge of the year 2020!"

Jimmy Bryan - Proprietor & Formerly of Bryan Foods ​West Point, Mississippi

Premier Conservation-Driven Resort




"Marketing is one thing but success is something else. The Charles Jordan Group has taken us from creation to successful implementation. Incredible support & vision along the entire continuum of strategy and marketing." 

Dr. Nick Beaulieu. M.D - Chief Executive Officer - Atlanta, Georgia

Relationship & Plan Driven Healthcare Clinics


​"The Charles Jordan Group opened our eyes to the markets in a way that has never  done before. They did an excellent job helping BUF to know itself better and reinforced our communications from within in the correct language,​ form and way in order to generate awareness, sales and recognition.  

Thank you ever so much! "

Alejandro Gomez Torres - President & Co-Founder - Bogota, Colombia
Mozarella - Ricotta - Yogurts - Burrata


“Finally! A consulting firm that did what they said they were going to do.
Absolutely brilliant.”

Dan Thomason - Chief Executive Officer - Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia Bankers Association 


“We would have never received this type of attention and service for our 50 year old company if we had chosen a larger consulting firm. Thank you! "

Hank Ogden - Chief Executive Officer - Atlanta, Georgia
Renting, Selling & Servicing Forklifts Since 1960


“Working with The Charles Jordan Group helps us realize ​what our company stands for and how we embody that internally and externally!"

Ian Paradies - Founder & Principal - Manila, Phillippines
Hand-Crafted Filipino Beers

Low country

“Outstanding and thought provoking!”

Mike McIntire - Partner LowCountry Barbecue - Atlanta, Georgia
Full Service Catering, Delivery & Carry Out Since 1986 
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