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"Your intuition should be an enormous part of your strategy."


“We have been looking for solutions and ways to get Optimist International revived and to give our future generations the chance to work with us. Unfortunately no solutions have risen. The Charles Jordan Groups' strategic marketing direction and roadmap made many see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is like a breath of fresh air...”

Claire Lebreche - Board Member Optimist International - Montreal Canada
Global Membership Organization



“We experienced their mission first hand since they truly made us feel like we were their only client."

Carolina Betancourt - Chief Marketing Officer - Facatativa, Colombia
Renewable solutions from Colombia's leading palm oil company

The Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia

“Great, great, great, great, great…!”

Robert D. Bordett - Chairman of the Board - Atlanta, Georgia
Specialized Attorneys at Law 


"On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, we wanted to express our most sincere appreciation for the extraordinary services your consulting firm has delivered.  

Your work has been a source of inspiration for all of us.

Ricardo Yarad Abedrabo - Chairman of the Board - Quito, Ecuador
Private Recreational Club


“...their enthusiasm and ability to create and bring together our core values,
way of life, and value proposition as a marketable platform that showcases our entire

product line ​has guaranteed our existence in time.”

Roberto Herrera Jr. - Chief Executive Officer - Bogotá, Colombia
Gourmet & Cooking Oils


"Charlie...thank you!
You know, if I would have met you and your team a few years ago,
today there is a good chance I would be the former Governor of Georgia!"

Mark Taylor - Proprietor of Chokee & Former Lieutenant Governor of Georgia - Albany, Georgia
Private Wild Quail Plantation


“…Above all, their human relationship side their biggest asset. They made us see the profitable opportunities we had not identified. His marketing guidance into unexplored niche markets and revenue generating strategies has helped our family take a new leadership positioning Europe. America is next, and this time, we will only trust
​The Charles Jordan Group with our marketing and positioning efforts there…”

Enrico Gamba - Renato Gamba, Maker of Fine Guns since 1748 Gardone val - Trompia, Italy
Fine Italian Shotguns
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