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"Most brands have customers, few have believers."


“For the longest time, we struggled with telling our story and the why of what we do, both inside and outside of our company. The Charles Jordan Group carefully listened to our entire staff, from administrative assistants to executives, and in a very short time they were able to creatively articulate who we are, what we do and what we believe. Their work has empowered employees and engaged our clients and prospects in ways we never would have imagined on our own. Partnering with The Charles Jordan Group is one of the best decisions we’ve made in the 12 year history of our company.”

Aaron Curtis - Chief Executive Officer - Indianapolis, Indiana
Holding Company

Real power

​“…thanks to Charles Jordan, we were able to target a significantly more profitable and global market than we had ever planned for or thought of. Their consulting services have been enormously useful for us; both in the strategic marketing side, as well as in planning & customer growth you!”

Juan Mato Former - President Chamber of Commerce​ & Partner at RealPower​ - Madrid, Spain
Natural Energy Drink


"...their creativity and out-side of the box thinking has helped to mold an organization that we see growing daily.  With their marketing help and direction, we have been able to forge ahead while developing key associations that will certainly help us deliver our message for years to come…”

Michael Young - Chief Executive Officer and Founder - Hatfield, Pennsylvania
Leashes and Pet Products


 “…corporations faced with the challenges of an evolving global business environment, need marketing professionals that intimately understand the product and the nuances of customer development. The Charles Jordan Group typifies this unique level of professionalism…” 

Morris Peterson - President & CEO Ashbury International Group Inc - Charlottesville, Virginia
US DOD Prime Contractor, engineering service supplier, training provider and commercial firearms & accessories manufacturer.


"In a congested world of creative talent, The Charles Jordan Group offers an unconventional perspective and a novel blend of ideas and vision into the matrix that is strategy and marketing."

Richard Brewer - Chief Sales Officer - Atlanta, Georgia
Third Party Administrator Managing Self–Funded Healthcare Plans 


​“Marshall and I appreciate all of your firm's work and creativity. All our divisions and businesses are better as a result. We will have more work soon as we are aggressively on the acquisition trail. Thanks again.”

Rob G. Schuler - Managing Partner All American Holdings - Atlanta, Georgia
 A global holding company focused on acquiring non-core or
under-performing businesses and restoring them to health. 


"I have never witnessed such a positive response as I have witnessed with The Charles Jordan Group. ​Professional, creative, inspirational."

Harry Pasisis - Managing Director - Alexander City, Alabama
Private Membership Club
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