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"Rarely do you find marketing that is truly strategic."

The Charles Jordan Group is a boutique, award-winning consulting firm growing top-line revenue for national and global companies across diverse industries.  The group does this by crafting growth strategies and strengthening them with strategic marketing and truly unique messaging, all while empowering and inspiring sales teams.

What we believe

​It's almost never about trying to figure out what needs to be done.  It's almost always about whether or not you are willing to do what you already know damn well needs to be done.

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Attract, build, & conserve a customer. This, not profits,
should be the sole focus of any business.

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If a customer chooses your product or service

after they considered others, then we failed. 

True marketing success is when a customer chooses your product or service because they never considered another.

Nothing, no matter how basic, will be obvious to us.


Do what ever you can

 to stop things from getting complicated.

The most important factor enabling us to deliver such strong results for our clients is our unwavering dedication to create the finest and most stimulating working environment for our team. ​

It’s that simple. 

If our team is happy and inspired, our clients will benefit from that inspiration.

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All answers to your challenges will lie in simplicity. 

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